Infoset IP Call Center System

Use all call center functions you need; multi-channel automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), voice mail, call recording, call tracking management, TTS, autodialer, call forwarding and more on a single platform.

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Fast and Flexible Call Distribution

With Infoset IP Call Center; calls are quickly received, distributed by a preselected method and answered by the most suitable operator according to the customer. Different distribution scenarios such as intelligent, sequential, cyclic, VIP and more can be used. Thanks to its flexible call distribution system, waiting time of customers can be easily minimized.

Unlimited Call Pools / Queue

Assign call center operators to different call pools, so that incoming calls are transferred to the relevant operator.

Advanced and Easy IVR Menus

Reduce the workload of your operators with IVR. Make interactive processes over the phone using the phone keypad and/or voice commands. You can create your navigation menus easily without any support.

You Set the Limits - Plugin Infrastructure

Develop new applications and integrations with our plugin infrastructure. Integrate them to existing software,or create a new module. Provide your customers to make interactive processes 7/24 over the phone.

Save All Calls

Record all calls (incoming / outgoing) made by the operators. Access them from any internet-connected device in the world, and share them if you want.

Right Reporting, Right Decision!

Outside the ready-made reports, generate your advanced reports with our quick and easy-to-use report generator for all your reporting needs.

Integrated CRM

Start your calls through CRM.

See Real-Time Reports (Wallboard)

See real-time queues, external line statuses, call counts and averages, operators' statuses, accessibilities and more from a single screen.

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