Infoset® Cloud Call Center

Infoset® Cloud Call Center is a secure, scalable and easy-to-use cloud call center system, which can be used without any investment.
An internet connection and a IP phone is all you need to use!
Get started immediately without an installation in a few minutes;

  • Your current line will be moved to VoIP system or a new VoIP line will be given to you.
  • Your Infoset cloud account will be created.
  • Connection between the VoIP operator and Infoset will be made.
  • And you can start making calls from your IP phone!

NO hardware, software, license investment spendings and NO maintenance agreements!

  • Unified communication on a single platform (call center, voice response, voice mail, call recording, intelligent distribution, reporting and more)
  • Access from anywhere. Easily perform all operations without help.
  • Always use the most current version and never pay for updates, support and maintenance!
  • Make unlimited free calls between your internal lines. Manage your branches from a single center.
  • Pay as you use.
  • Send your campaigns, newsletters and announcements to your customers with our integrated infomessage service.
  • Integrate it with your applications with API.

300+ Happy Customers

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