Infoset IP PBX

Infoset offers all communication needs of your business. It is a new generation IP based unified communication platform, built using latest technologies. Besides the classical methods of communication for businesses of all sizes; it offers VoIP, voice recording, conference calls, automatic sharing of voice recordings, real-time status tracking, and more advanced features like management of multiple locations and branches from a single center in a distributed environment. Thanks to its flexible architecture, it can scale from 4 ports to thousands of ports.

Infoset IP-based communication solutions for businesses of all sizes

Free Calls Between Extensions

Make unlimited & free phone calls between internal extensions. Manage your branches from a single center in a distributed environment!

Save up to %70

Save up to 70% on your phone bill with the calls you have made through VOIP lines.

Add Unlimited Extensions

Add and manage all the internal numbers of your employees. Make calls from your smartphone, computer, tablet or even your desktop IP phone.

Design Easy IVR Menus

Answer incoming calls profesionally, make your callers easily navigate between internal lines through their phones.

Voice Mails Are in Your Inbox Now

Get your voice messages to your e-mail inbox. Listen to them without having a phone.

Customized Call Forwarding

Direct incoming calls to your internal line to; another extension, voicemail box, call center group, external line (eg. your mobile phone) or a voice response menu.

300+ Happy Customers

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