Infoset® Call Recording System

With powerful and high-capacity archiving & backup systems, your important recordings will be secured. Listen to your recordings easily from anywhere on the world with a simple internet connection and authorization.

Record Your Phone Calls

İnfoset® CRS records both incoming and outbound phone calls. Also it offers searching, listening and live monitoring through a simple web interface.

Find Your Recordings Easily

İnfoset® CRS offers sophisticated searching & filtering features. Find your calls according to their time, date, length of call, channel, agent, inbound/outbound tags and many other criterias.

Give Your Users Permissions

Give your users separate permissions (for listening, deleting, saving locally and more) to prevent unwanted access to records.

  • PRI/Digital/Analog/IP/SIP/RADIO Record Support
  • %100 Web-based
  • Different browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.)
  • Advanced record compression algorithm (MP3 Format 6MB/hour)
  • Supports SIP, H323, MGSCP, SKINNY, SCCP, IAX2, RTP protocols
  • Advanced filtering
  • Filter call records by Phone Number, Caller ID, Callee ID, DTMF, Time, IP Address etc.
  • Online live monitoring (Recording, Caller ID, Callee Number, DTMF etc.)
  • DTMF ve Caller ID support (Analog PSTN)
  • Start recording with off-hold, voice activity or DTMF key
  • Send voice recordings via e-mail
  • Permission based access to interface
  • Advanced recording reports

300+ Happy Customers

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